About Us & Our Custom Designed Hardware

Located in McCordsville, IN Fabri-Tech has been supplying the OEM and Equine market with an array of custom designed hardware and quality engineered products for the last four decades. From small business entrepreneurs to Fortune 500, Fabri-Tech has dedicated itself to meeting the needs and challenges of all of our customers. On Christmas Day 1999, an unfortunate electrical fire at the Fabri-Tech facility nearly destroyed the entire plant. However, just after the New Year's holiday, Fabri-Tech had organized a fully functional operation, all while meeting our customer's shipment needs. It is this kind of dedication to our customers that you will find at Fabri-Tech; from concept to finished product, Fabri-Tech is able to help you every step of the way.

Fabri-Tech is committed to the highest quality standards and timely delivery of your custom designed hardware. Contact us today at info@fabri-tech.com with your challenge.


Leading Manufacturers of Industrial Fabric Products

When you need fabric products for your business, Fabri-Tech is your solution. As the leading manufacturers of industrial fabric products, we have been supplying companies with high-quality products for more than 40 years. Our team puts a heavy focus on craftsmanship ensuring that every piece of equipment is built to the standards you expect.

Supplying a Variety of Industries

Do you need high quality strapping to hold your goods down? Or, do you need custom carrying cases for your delicate test equipment and instruments? No matter what industry your business covers, we can work with you to find the custom fabric industrial products you need. Some of the industrial applications that we commonly design products for include:

  • Aviation and Airport Products
  • Custom Strapping
  • Custom Fabric Covers 
  • Industrial Curtains and Partitions
  • Fabric Cases and Bags
  • Horse and Pet Products

All of our products are crafted to meet your company’s specifications. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final product and that it fits perfectly into your needed application.

Additionally, we use the latest industry techniques to ensure all our products meet our high-quality standards. These techniques also allow us to create water and weatherproof products for a variety of applications.

Contact us when you need high-quality fabric products for your company. We proudly serve our customers nationwide.