Today, Indianapolis industrial sewing companies offer a type of sewing that uses heavy-duty industrial grade sewing machines to create items for a variety of industries. It encompasses all types of sewing from clothing and apparel to products for the automobile industry, upholstery and furniture manufacturing, medical equipment or even military applications. It typically uses larger scale machines than those used in home-sewing projects as well as specialized tools and materials.

Working Quickly While Still Ensuring Accuracy

The type of fabrics used in industrial sewing varies depending on the project being completed and can range from leathers and vinyl to canvas and denim. Industrial sewers in Indianapolis are often tasked with manipulating large quantities of material at once, making them adept at working quickly while still ensuring accuracy in their work. Heavy duty topstitching is often used in these projects to provide strength and durability.

Fabric Parts for Aircraft

Indianapolis industrial sewing companies are required to have a variety of skills including hand-sewing, stitching with multiple threads, using special machines to create items such as zippers, buttons and other trims, applying binding and piping as well as blind hems and flat felled seams.  This kind of sewing is an important part of manufacturing for many industries ranging from clothing and apparel companies to aerospace manufacturers who require fabric parts for aircraft or even medical device makers who need specially designed fabrics to meet their needs. 

Innovative and Unique Sewing Related Processes

Industry sewers often work in factories where they help construct a variety of products that are then sold around the world. They can also work in small sewing shops, where they work with customers to make custom items or repair existing items. Industrial Indianapolis sewing companies are highly skilled and create a variety of usable products and items with precision and accuracy. Contact Fabri-Tech today for more information on this and other innovative and unique commercial sewing related processes that are designed to improve efficiency and output for industry and manufacturing worldwide.