When it comes to separating, delimiting, or dividing the space within a commercial or industrial setting, the installation of custom industrial curtains is an ideal solution. These heavy-duty fabric curtains are designed to provide privacy and security while also allowing visibility wherever needed.


Fabri-Tech custom industrial curtains are manufactured from high-quality fabrics and components that can be customized according to the specific needs of each application. Materials available include fire retardant vinyl, vinyl-coated polyester,
vinyl coated polyester mesh, clear vinyl windows, fabric enclosure materials, and many other options.


The custom industrial curtains from Fabri-Tech offer a wide range of practical applications. They can be used to separate and control temperature in welding or paint booths, as well as divide large spaces into smaller areas for specific tasks. They provide a safe and secure storage facility for hazardous material, create custom-sized clean rooms, define flow paths between departments, and offer a low cost solution to reduce sound transmission.

Fit unique spaces

Perhaps the most attractive feature of custom industrial curtains from Fabri-Tech is their ability to be quickly and easily installed. The modular design allows for easy installation and relocation, saving time and money when compared to traditional construction methods. Furthermore, customizing the fabric used in their construction makes them particularly suited for projects with unique space requirements or complex designs.

Fabri-Tech: a quality manufacturer of custom industrial curtains

For custom industrial curtains that provide the flexibility and reliability needed to effectively separate and secure any space, look no further than Fabri-Tech. With their custom design services, attention to detail and quality materials, you can be sure your custom industrial curtain will provide a lasting solution for all of your dividing needs.