Short Leashes - 4FT Length

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Our Short Dog Leash, also called a Traffic or City Leash, provides quick close control in small or crowded spaces. Often seen being used with service dogs.

  • Made in USA with high-quality durable Nylon Webbing. Soft in the hand for comfort and no abrasive feel when sliding through hand.
  • Short Leashes are 4ft in length when measured from snap tip to end of handle.
  • Comes in multiple widths - 5/8, 3/4, or 1 inches.
  • Swivel bolt snap for easy attachment. The snap is nickel-coated for a nice polish look.
  • A 6" handle loop that is easy to grip. Loop small enough to avoid getting stuck on wrist but allow control throughout the walk. * Never wrap the handle around your wrist; can cause serious injury if dog decides to run.
  • Easily washable in Machine with like colors on cold. Do not put in dryer; Air dry.
  • All Fabri-Tech Leashes come in a wide variety of color options. Matching Collars are available so you can color coordinate or mix and match!