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Custom Straps And Hardware

Custom Straps And Hardware

  • Child Protective Restraints
    Safety Strapping
    Laundry Straps
    Transportation Tie Downs
    Pet and Animal Control

  • Side Release Buckles
    Snap Hooks
    Ladder Lock Buckles
    Tourniquet/Pinch Buckles
    Tongue Buckles
    Shoulder Pads
    Hook and Loop Closures

  • Polypropylene – Extensively used for many applications, polypropylene is a strong and lightweight. Resistant to rot, mildew and most chemicals, polypropylene is an excellent all-purpose material.

  • Wholesale Strap Webbing

    Fabri-Tech's stock webbing is sourced and acquired from trusted and reliable vendors. Our wholesale vendors provide us with webbing engineered, tested, and inspected to meet standards. All our stock w...

  • Hardware

    Fabri-Tech stands as your premier supplier for top-quality metal hardware products, catering to a wide array of needs in various industries. From versatile rings and loops to sturdy snaphooks and spec...

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