Custom industrial curtains are a versatile and cost-effective way to create dedicated workspaces in factories, warehouses, garages and any other areas that require partitioning. Industrial custom curtains offer many advantages over permanent walls or barriers, including flexibility of use, easy installation and portability. 

Limit Noise Pollution

Industrial style curtains that are customized are made from heavy-duty materials such as vinyl or canvas that provides both durability and sound dampening qualities. The thick material helps limit noise pollution between separated areas offering a quieter environment for workers. A wide range of colors are available, allowing for custom branding or decorating the area to provide an aesthetically pleasing workspace. 

Zippers and Curtains

Curtains for industry come with various accessories including track systems for ceiling or wall mounting, free standing frames and modifications such as zippers and curtains with windows. These accessories allow for easy installation and reconfiguration of the curtains to fit different spaces or different needs at any time. Industrial use curtains can also be deployed in conjunction with permanent walls to create separate zones within a single space.

Effective Barrier Between Different Parts of a Facility

Industry customized curtains are particularly useful for shops, warehouses and factories as they allow for separation of work areas without creating permanent divisions that limit future flexibility. They can also be easily moved or taken down when not in use, saving on storage costs while still providing an effective barrier between different parts of the facility. In addition to providing separation, they can also be used as protective barriers around hazardous materials or equipment, helping keep employees safe in their working environment. 

Efficient and Cost Saving Way to Create Dedicated Work Areas

They are also a great way to provide additional insulation and temperature control in large warehouses.  Overall, industrial curtain products are an efficient and cost saving way to create dedicated work areas within a single space, allowing for maximum flexibility of use and improved safety. They offer many advantages over permanent walls or barriers, making them a great choice for any facility looking for more functional workspace solutions. To find out more simply contact Fabri-Tech today!