FabriTech boasts a comprehensive suite of industrial custom sewing capabilities that position it as a premier sewing contractor in the industry. Leveraging a combination of advanced machinery, skilled artisans, and a diverse array of materials, FabriTech excels in meeting the unique needs of its clients, no matter what the request. Examples of our extensive contract sewing capabilities are as follows:

  1. Single Needle Lockstitch and Double Needle Lockstitch: These sewing techniques ensure strong, durable seams suitable for various applications, providing both reliability and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Overcasting and Zig Zag Stitch: These methods are vital for preventing fraying and creating reinforced edges, essential for the longevity of sewn products.
  3. Chain Stitch: Ideal for creating decorative patterns or reinforcing seams where flexibility is key, this technique adds versatility to FabriTech's offerings.
  4. Programmable Sewing: Incorporating programmable sewing technology allows for precise, repeatable stitching patterns, ensuring consistency across large production runs.
  5. Bar Tacks and Box Tacks: These reinforcement stitches are crucial for strengthening stress points in sewn products, enhancing their durability and reliability.
  6. Die Cutting: FabriTech's die cutting capabilities enable precise shaping of materials, facilitating efficient production and ensuring accuracy in the final product.
  7. Binding Stitch: Essential for finishing edges and providing a clean, professional look to sewn items, binding stitches add both functionality and aesthetic value.
  8. Snaps, Grommets, and Rivets: By integrating hardware components seamlessly into sewn products, FabriTech enhances functionality and expands design possibilities.
  9. Screen Printing: This additional service allows for custom branding and decorative elements to be applied directly onto fabric, adding value and customization options for clients.
  10. RF and Sonic Welding: These techniques enable bonding of materials without the need for stitching, expanding FabriTech's capabilities to include non-traditional sewing methods for specialized applications.

FabriTech's extensive material expertise encompasses a wide range, including Nylon, Neoprene, Cotton, Polyester, Kevlar, Vinyl or Vinyl Coated, Laminated Polyester, and Webbing. This diversity ensures that FabriTech can accommodate a broad spectrum of client needs and project requirements.

In conclusion, FabriTech's industrial custom sewing capabilities, combined with its proficiency in working with various materials, hardware, and additional services such as screen printing and welding as a sewing contractor, position it as a reliable and versatile partner for clients seeking high-quality, custom-sewn products across diverse industries.