Heavy duty wind socks are an essential tool for accurate wind measurements. These durable, weather-resistant wind measuring devices provide reliable and consistent readings regardless of the environment or conditions. Windsocks are typically mounted on poles along airfields, highways, or other open areas where winds need to be monitored.

Potentially Hazardous Wind Conditions

Wind socks that are heavy duty can be used to detect winds from a variety of angles, giving pilots visibility when flying in the area and alerting them to potential hazardous wind conditions that could affect their flight. They also provide valuable data for airports, allowing them to adjust runway length and approach patterns based on current wind direction and speed data. 

Highly Resistant to UV Radiation

The most common type of heavy weight windsock is made from a single piece of thick vinyl fabric that is highly resistant to UV radiation, wind, and water. This material can withstand extreme temperatures and provides consistent readings in humid or wet weather. The fabric is also highly visible, making it easier for pilots to spot the windsock from the air.

Winds Up To 90 Mph

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing them to be used in multiple environments. For example, some models are designed to detect winds up to 90 mph while others measure winds below 10 mph. There are also smaller versions that are perfect for measuring wind speed at airports with small runways or other more isolated areas. 

Signs of Wear or Damage

Heavy gauge windsocks use metal frames and steel poles for added strength and reliability. They should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage, as well as any necessary maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, these wind measuring devices will provide reliable readings for many years to come. 

Bright or Fluorescent-Colored

In addition to providing accurate wind measurements, heavy duty windsocks can also be used as a visual warning system in highly trafficked airspace. Many airports use bright or fluorescent-colored windsocks that are easily spotted by pilots flying in the area, alerting them of potentially hazardous wind conditions. This added visibility is especially important at night or during other times when visibility may be limited. Contact Fabri-Tech today to find out more.