RF Welding and Other Industrial Fabric Services

RF Welding

Fabri-Tech has over 40 years of experience serving industries of all kinds, from small businesses to Fortune 500s. No matter what your needs may be, our ultrasonic and RF welding, among other services, can provide you with a steady supply of water and weather-proof items, all of which are manufactured right here in the USA for quality assurance. We can also complete your welded product with our additional in-house services like sewing and die-cutting.

By going with us, you know that your long-term investment is just that: a long-term investment. We make products to last. The only aspect as impressive as our diversity of ultrasonic welding products is the commitment to quality with each one. Fabri-Tech has welded fluid containment bags, funnels, weather-proof bags for military applications, checkbook covers, inflatable products for the medical industry, and much more.

About Our Process

Radiofrequency (RF) welding is a process where the molecules excited to form a bond. This bonding process is far superior to the direct heat used in true head seals. Those head seals use propane or hit wedges to melt the fabrics. Our team has a better way, and clients like you reap the benefits. Contact us to learn more.